What it takes to Design a Custom Wedding Ring

Custom wedding rings aren’t just expensive, but they also require loads of your time and attention. However, there is much more to designing a personalized ring than just your time, money, and attention. That’s what we’re going to discuss today. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating the wedding ring of your dreams:

  1. Sketch out your imagination

If you’ve got a specific design in mind, then start by sketching it out, or creating a vivid picture. This will make it easier for your designer to understand how they should craft the ring.

On the contrary, if a particular design doesn’t cross your mind, then surf the internet looking for unique gemstones, intricate carvings on the band, or mixed metals that catch your eye. These unique settings will help you obtain a clearer picture of what you want your ring to look like.

  1. Select the right jewellery designer

Once a design has been finalized, the next step is to look for a jewellery designer whom you can rely on. It’s a good idea to find a jeweller that you know of, to find someone you trust. Your own jeweller might have contacts or close colleagues who they can refer to you to design your ring.

To choose a jeweller, make sure you check his/her previous work. This is important because each jeweller has their own style which will be reflected in your ring.

  1. Cooperate

To create the perfect ring, it is important to be collaborative and stay in touch with your jewellery designer. Make sure you review a computerized version of the design of your ring. This needs to be approved so that the finished piece is exactly how you pictured.

  1. Take all necessary precautions

Warranties and guarantees need to be taken into account when creating a custom ring. It’s best to get all the necessary requirements in written form. Write an appraisal down which includes the elements for your ring that you mutually agreed on.

It’s important that you stay in contact with your designer. This will ensure you stay updated on the progress of your custom ring. It will also mean that if your designer decides to tweak the design a little, it won’t be done without your approval.