Indonesia Online Betting


If you are fond of online betting and if you are looking bola888 for a place to place your bet, Indonesia is one of the countries where you can find all this and more. The place where online betting is legalized is the city of Jakarta in Indonesia. This city has been a tourist hub for years now. It has many historical landmarks, museums, fine restaurants and other amenities. In short, visiting the place itself is worth the trip.

There is a long history of bookmaking in Indonesia. Back in the days, when the East Timor was still in turmoil, people used to travel from one town to another to place their bets. Soon, with the help of the Internet, people from any corner of the world can place their bets online. Today, Indonesia is emerging as one of the biggest bet games enthusiasts on the web. In fact, Indonesia is one of the largest online betting destinations in the world.

With the help of Indonesia’s Internet, bookmakers have been able to expand their business to more destinations. Now they have more than ten thousand Internet accounts from over twenty countries. The majority of these bookmakers do not even require an initial deposit before placing the bet. This is one of the reasons why Indonesia has become one of the most favored betting destinations not only for the locals but also for the foreigners.

One of the best things about betting online in Indonesia is that the law does not allow them to be based anywhere within or outside the country. Thus, you can place your bet almost anywhere in Indonesia, provided that the country does not impose a complete blackout on gambling. If you are residing in Java or Borneo, you can still enjoy your share of online gaming. Betting on horse racing and soccer is quite popular in Java. However, football and basketball betting are almost completely banned in Indonesia.

Since online bookmakers do not have physical presence in Indonesia, there is no regulatory agency to keep them in check. Although the law officially prohibits gambling, a few operators have managed to skirt the law so far. For example, an online company based in Central Java allowed its customers to make bets using foreign currencies. Before long, the company was forced to suspend its operation due to a local court order. Similarly, a popular online company based in Jakarta was suspended for several months without giving any explanation. A few months later, the local Barangay was conducting its first live online football match.

It may be hard to believe, but there are still some areas in Indonesia where bookmakers are not allowed to operate. They are not allowed to operate in major cities like Jakarta, Surabaya or Makassar. In fact, even one bookmaker in central Java was recently questioned by the local police for facilitating online gambling in the area. Although the local authorities did not take action against the bookmaker, they made clear that it is illegal to place any wager on sports in Java. They have also instructed all bookmakers to stay away from Java if possible.

The problem is not unique to Indonesia. All over the world, governments are constantly trying to discourage people from participating in online betting. However, since the Internet has been around for quite a while and online gaming is very popular, it is difficult to imagine why anyone would try to stop gambling online.

It will be interesting to see how things go over the next couple of months in Indonesia. The situation is definitely one of controversy and a lot of attention is being paid to this issue. Online betting in Indonesia will most likely continue. In the meanwhile, it is certainly safer than betting at an actual venue. In the end, everyone will have their own opinion about it.