How to Set Up a Company in Hong Kong

Forming a foreign company in Hong Kong, the benefits of having an offshore business structure, are well known. It provides many tax advantages and benefits for setting up a company in Hong Kong. The offshore design also allows an expatriate to have easy access to capital in their home country if required.

Companies can be quickly registered in Hong Kong under the provision of an offshoot of the Companies’ Registration Office system to set up company in HK. The office offers many benefits for corporate registration. Offshore company registration Hong Kong provides many advantages for an individual entrepreneur looking to open an international business presence. The offshore company system in Hong Kong enables easy administration and better tax returns.

Forming a foreign company in Hong Kong under an offshore company system can prove beneficial for the entrepreneur. For example, they can seek the benefits of the Companies’ Registration Office system in Hong Kong. The course offers better tax benefits. Individuals can also easily register their businesses in Hong Kong under the provision of an offshore business centre or a subsidiary. It ensures better management of the funds and better coordination of accounting reports.

There are two types of permits available under the Companies Registration Office in Hong Kong (COHO). These are the Basic permit and the Special permit. The Basic license is for individuals who intend to open a primary company in Hong Kong. Superior support is for companies that wish to register as a corporation in Hong Kong. Both the permits can be renewed, at any time, by making an application to the Companies Registration Office.

Individuals who wish to open a foreign company in Hong Kong should contact a specialized foreign company formation company. These companies have experienced chartered accountants on staff who can help guide you through the whole process. These professionals can also provide advice on the registration of your new company. If you wish to open a foreign company in HK, the best thing to do is make an appointment with one of these companies.

The next step involves choosing the location of your new company in Hong Kong. Your new establishment must be at a central location in Hong Kong. The reason for this is that most of your transactions will take place there. Therefore, your company supervisors should know the location of the business premises. It would help if you also chose a supervisor who has extensive experience in the field to assure that the supervisor is qualified and trustworthy.

After all, is done, you will need to find a business partner or a venture capitalist to finance your venture. Your business supervisor must help you select a reliable business partner. Your business partner’s choice is an important decision as your partner will play an essential role in your finances. Your selection of partner must not only be based on financial considerations but also on your relationship with the venture capitalist.